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Managed IT Services

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When you hire a Managed IT Service Provider, you are able to focus on running your business.  IT requires an enormous amount of time and money to be managed effectively.  Allow your employee to request IT service through our secure portal.  Call us today for a free quote 1 (800) 970-0402.

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 IT performance is mission critical in today’s healthcare environment. With electronic medical records, lab results, digital imaging, and e-referrals, an offline system means you’re business is down and potentially data in transit gets lost into the ether. If that’s not bad enough, new HIPAA laws mean even the smallest breach could spell financial disaster and irreparable damage to your reputation.

Making information securely accessible to your clinical staff whenever and wherever it’s needed requires maximum system availability. Additionally, your staff wants to use whatever device is handy for them, whether it’s a cell phone or tablet, Apple, Android, or other. The bring your own device “BYOD” revolution has come to healthcare and it’s here to stay. Your IT vendor better be equipped to securely manage the demands this places on the healthcare environment. SecureOfficeIT is ready with management tools and antivirus agents for most devices, all managed through our industry leading remote management and monitoring technology.

The old model of having an IT company on call to break and fix things when they go wrong does not deliver the level of service or security modern healthcare demands. At the same time, an IT company without specific healthcare expertise leaves you exposed to the rigorous standards mandated by HIPAA.

Acentec’s SecureOfficeIT is a 24/7, 365 day management and monitoring solution for your IT infrastructure. Using state of the art and proprietary tools, SecureOfficeIT fully manages networks of all sizes nationwide.

[retinaiconbox icon=”lock” color=”#999999″ title=”Safer“]Thin clients allow for centralized control and management while restricting user ability to transfer sensitive data to portable media. Using virtualization, a thin client can be granted all of the privileges of a traditional desktop without the security exposure. For a user, the experience is identical to a standard desktop.[/retinaiconbox][/one_third]
[retinaiconbox icon=”usd” color=”#999999″ title=”Cheaper“]Modern thin clients are a more cost effective than traditional desktop PCs. Acentec can convert existing, outdated workstations to thin clients, up to date and secure virtual desktops, or we can implement new thin clients for a fraction of the cost of a new desktop PC.[/retinaiconbox][/one_third]
[retinaiconbox icon=”leaf” color=”#999999″ title=”Greener“] New chip sets and computer boards make todays thin clients highly energy efficient, delivering considerable savings across an enterprise.[/retinaiconbox][/one_third_last]

More secure, less money, and more energy efficient isn’t the whole story. With advanced remote management and monitoring tools, Acentec can manage your entire network for less money than most local IT companies can offer a break-fix relationship.

Remote Monitoring and Management
Acentec deploys industry leading technology to automate the maintenance and management of your network. We’re alerted of issues before they become a problem for your users, and with staff on call 24/7, we respond and repair to keep your facility up and running at all times.

HIPAA Compliant Remote Online Backup
Automatic, secure and affordable.  Online Backup provides extra protection for your files and allows you to get those files back in the event of a data disaster – saving you time, money and stress.  Offsite Backup for Disaster Recovery: Online backup is a key component in any disaster recovery plan as protection against hardware failure, theft, virus attack, deletion and natural disasters.  Encryption: All client data is encrypted before transit to our secure data centers.   Secure Data Centers: The data centers are physically secure that restrict personal access through biometrics, key cards and PIN codes.  Business Associates: As a Business Associate, we support your compliance with HIPAA regulations and can provide you with a Business Associates Agreement.[hr style=”1,2,3,4″ margin=”40px 0px 40px 0px”]

For more information on how Secure Office IT can help with compliance and government regulations, including HIPAA, please contact Acentec today.


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