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Cybersecurity Skills Gap 2023
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Are you getting good cybersecurity guidance?

The cybersecurity skills gap exists across all industries, and healthcare is no exception. It is a significant and persistent challenge, and its implications can have far-reaching consequences. Here are some of the factors causing the shortage:
How will AI impact healthcare
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How will AI impact healthcare?

For most of us, ChatGPT is little more than a novelty, kind of like the first iteration of the internet many years ago. As an example, here’s what ChatGPT has to say about the current state of cybersecurity in healthcare.
AI Malware Maas
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Is AI the future of cyber crime?

It seems as though artificial intelligence is everywhere these days, and it's literally just getting started. Think Model T era. But that's changing fast, and with all things technical, there's good and bad. One of the bad directions AI will take is the ability to write software code by itself, and that includes ransomware and other malicious attacks.