The Orange County Rescue Mission contracts with Acentec and their proprietary HIPAA Security Suite to manage their HIPAA compliance program

Irvine, CA-06 November 2013. Acentec, Inc., a medical practice solution and service provider, announces their recent partnership made with the Orange County Rescue Mission. Through this partnership, Acentec will spearhead HIPAA Risk Assessment services for the faith-based local organization in California. The Irvine-based organization assures top-notch risk assessment service through its HIPAA Security Suite (HSS), a program concentrating in assisting organizations and companies to be HIPAA compliant as mandated by law.

With HIPAA Security Suite, Acentec will conduct risk assessment services at the Orange County Rescue Mission to duly note the organization’s HIPAA compliance. The team of IT professionals conducting the assessment is composed of highly trained experts with extensive experience working in the healthcare field.

“We’re pleased to provide our services to non-profit care centers like The Orange County Rescue Mission. The OC Rescue Mission recognized the value we offer of a comprehensive HIPAA compliance program for the same price others charge for a Risk Assessment alone.” stated Acentec CEO Jeff Mongelli.

Acentec understands the importance of complying with HIPAA standards for every client. The company believes that complying with HIPAA requirements is not the mere process of completing a checklist. It is about understanding the level of responsibility and liability that lies on its valued clients’ shoulders.

Aside from HIPAA Risk Assessment service, HSS also includes proprietary, legally reviewed, Policies and Procedures Manuals in accordance with the current standards set by authorities. Clients also receive customized reports according to their practice or field.

Meeting HIPAA Compliance requirements is not limited to proper practices and solutions, but also includes the employees. Historically, employees represent the greatest vulnerability to protecting sensitive data. HSS goes beyond risk assessment as the program also involves HIPAA training for employees.

The medical solutions company will conclude the assessment by documenting reports and offering compliance remediation services. Risk assessment brings compliance issues to light and assist clients in being HIPAA compliant. Fees for the remediation service may apply. Additional HIPAA-related services a client can take advantage of from the company include: HIPAA Emergency Response Team, HIPAA Audit Response Team, and 24/7 IT management services.

HIPAA compliance is crucial for every organization after the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 was introduced. Congress passed the groundbreaking law and deemed to promote a massive impact in healthcare organizations across the country. In September of 2013, the Omnibus Rule went into effect, raising the compliance bar considerably for the healthcare industry. What makes it important are the civil and criminal penalties when an organization fails to comply with HIPAA standards. According to numerous resources, top names in the industry are not exempted from penalties and have faced millions in fines for not complying with the set standards. Its importance moved Acentec to provide high-caliber risk assessment services to save clients from these penalties.

In addition to HIPAA Risk Assessment services, Acentec gained fame in the industry for providing other solutions and services necessary to healthcare-related companies. Solutions include software like Medinformatix Electronic Medical Records and Enterprise Practice Management, Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical 10, Acentec Intranet Messenger, and more. As for services, the company also offers healthcare specific, HIPAA complaint IT managed services and support, consulting services, and medical billing services. It is also a Microsoft certified partner, AVG authorized seller, and affiliate member for MGMA.

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