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Why Windows 11 needs to be in your 2022 budget

You need Windows 11 – NOW

Another Intel chip, another iPhone, Galaxy, Chromebook, etc., it seems we’re always being presented with the latest and greatest version of the technology we’re using. While most updated software and devices are feature-packed with nice-to-have additions, the choice to update is often driven by desire, rather than necessity. In the case of Windows 11, there’s a compelling argument to make the move as soon as you can.

In February, Microsoft issued 48 security fixes for its software, including patches for a sophisticated zero-day exploit that attacks a WIndows programming kernel and uses it to upgrade the hacker’s permissions, thereby allowing them to traverse the network with administrator-level privileges.

At the same time, ransomware continues to siphon billions of dollars from companies and governments worldwide. It’s clear more needs to be done, and Windows 11 is a big step in the right direction.

Although graphically Windows 11 may look like a minor update, under the hood, Microsoft has made significant improvements.

Most importantly, security is more embedded into the core of the operating system, from the boot sequence to the login process. These changes dramatically harden the entire OS and will make Windows 11 users more secure by context than any other Windows OS to date. By context, I mean relative to the current threat climate.

What’s the downside? The new architecture is resource-heavy, and older Intel chips will bog down under the strain. As a result, for most users, it’s going to mean upgrading to new workstations. However, if you’re being told by Microsoft (on the Windows update screen), that your machine is capable of running Windows 11, we strongly encourage you to take the upgrade.

Windows 11 is a significant step forward in reducing your organization’s risk profile.

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